Training Your Dog to Behave With Children- Dog Training Washington DC

Training Your Dog to Behave With Children- Dog Training Washington DC

Whether it’s your kids or someone elses, it is important that a dog knows how to behave appropriately around them. Of course, all dogs should learn basic obedience and manners with all people, but with children, it is important for the dog to NOT be jumping all over them, or nipping constantly, or showing signs of aggression. This could lead to a hurt child, and possibly legal threats and a quarantined dog.

It is imperative that parents also teach their children how to behave around dogs, also. It is encouraging to see many dog owners and parents taking the initiative to prevent any potential incident involving a child and dog. Children that older and can understand could also be educated on dog behavior and body language, so that they understand when THEY are crossing a line with the dog.

Nonetheless, it is good for a dog to be socialized with children and be trained how to be calm, especially with babies and infants. With my training programs here in the DC area, I make sure that a dog’s good behavior is not just limited to my visits or in calm environments. Dogs must be ready to act appropriately in chaotic places where there are multiple distractions, be it other dogs, other animals, children, etc.

Now for parents who are soon bringing a new baby into the world, they can also start training the dog BEFORE the little one even arrives. To cater to expecting parents, especially those that are concerned over how their dog will react to a new baby, I started the Cribs and Canines training program, which preps parents AND dogs to the arrival of a new baby. Through this, dogs will learn to be desensitized to the idea of a new baby in the home and all the changes he/she inevitably brings into the household. A baby requires a lot of attention so this will affect how much attention the dog gets; the dog can react indifferently to this change, or could take it an inappropriate level. Dogs learn how to be calm with a baby, whether they are being held by the owner/parent, in the stroller during a walk, or crawling around the living room. The point is to eliminate as much stress and risk when it comes to the dog’s adjustment to a new baby, making things easier on EVERYONE involved.

For some, the idea of training a dog before a baby shows might seem silly or paranoid, but most parents will never want to risk anything negative happening to either their child or dog. Here at Beltway Dog Training, our goal is to eliminate canine behavioral issues AND keep families together! Our Cribs and Canines expecting parents training program aims to achieve this as well!

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