DC Dog Training Success Stories

Every day we improve the lives of dogs – By training their people!   Your picture belongs here!  We have an extremely high success rate, and our dog training program succeeds, even when our clients have been told by previous trainers that their dog can’t be helped.   If you would like to begin your own success story, contact us today!


Reliable Dog Training Makes Your Dog More Pleasant To Be Around.



“Thank you so much for your help with Bucky.  He’s much calmer when company comes over now, no longer pulls on our walks, and we no longer have to put him in another room when our grandchildren come visit!”



“We had worked with 4 dog trainers previously, including one who lectures around the country to other trainers, for help address Riley’s resource guarding, leash pulling, and overall anxious behavior.   Nothing seemed to work and at best we received management tricks.  (Like, “when company comes over, put him in another room”)  Having two small children, we were at the point where we were going to re-home Riley.  

Dog training is the key to having a life-long positive relationship with your dog based on respect and trust

Since working with you, the transformation in him has been AMAZING!  He walks nicely on the leash, is calm when company comes over, and I no longer have to be on guard if he happens to have a bone or treat when the children are in the room.  Because of you, Riley will stay in our home.  Thank you!”


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