DC In-Home Dog Training: The Way To Resolve Dog Behavior Problems!

Dog behavior problems can happen anywhere, but a dog’s behavior is so much more than a single “quirk.” This is why in-home dog training is the most effective way to create lasting changes in your dog’s behavior.

Our in-home dog training programs begin with a no-obligation behavior consultation where we’ll assess ALL the factors that may be affecting your dog’s behavior. Many of these factors can only be discovered while visiting with you and your dog – factors like the dog’s relationship with his/her family, your training goals, and the dog’s lifestyle at home. Only after spending time getting to know you and your dog should a dog trainer draw conclusions about your dog’s behavior!

The major advantage of in-home dog training is that you, the dog’s owner, are directly involved with your dog’s training. The dog training process creates and/or enhances a deep bond of mutual trust and respect between you and your dog. This kind of relationship will empower you to guide your dog to good behavior choices for the rest of his/her life.

We work with all kinds of dog behavior problems, including:

  • Aggression (dog aggression, human aggression, etc)
  • Anxiety issues like separation anxiety
  • Greeting behavior problems like jumping, charging the front door, etc.
  • Excessive behavior problems like barking, chewing, digging
  • Energy issues, such as hyperactivity, or fearfulness/nervousness

We also incorporate reliable obedience and distraction work into each of our dog behavior training programs to make sure that your dog knows how to behave in every situation.

Why choose in-home dog training?

There are so many choices for dog training these days. We believe there is value to many approaches, but ultimately, there is no replacement for a dog training program that takes into account the dog’s home environment, lifestyle and relationship to his/her family members (both canine and human). Our in-home dog training approach considers every influence on a dog’s behavior, and that’s how we consistently create lasting behavior change!

Please give us a call at 202.318.1380, or fill out our contact form, to learn more about our dog training programs, and to ask questions about your specific situation. We can’t wait to help!