Cribs and CaninesDog Training for New Parents!

Many dog owners looking to be parents think the idea of introducing a new baby to the already established family dog is intimidating. With the right tools and knowledge, it is actually a breeze and can make your family stronger than ever!

It is no secret that when a new baby comes into the home, the entire paradigm changes. While Sparky may have been the center of attention before, he now might find it difficult to accept that Junior is now being endlessly showered with affection. Your dog’s lifestyle is based on your lifestyle, and now with a new baby, your routines and priorities are probably going to be a lot different. For a dog, this may be a struggle and without appropriate communication and guidance, it could also cause anxiety and distressful behavior from the dog.

At Monument Dog Training, we follow and utilize the Cribs and Canines training program, which teaches expecting parents to maintain harmony within the home, and helps the dog learn how to adjust to a new baby in the family. Our Washington DC dog trainer, is here to not only get your dog on the path to success and safety, but also the WHOLE family.

Through Cribs and Canines, your dog will learn the basics of obedience, focus, and recall. Before and after the baby arrives, the dog will understand to demonstrate calm behavior that does not include bad habits, such as jumping, nipping, not listening to commands, any form of aggression (territorial, food, fear, over/toward the baby, etc). Your dog will also have a chance to experience the idea of living with a baby, before your baby actually arrives! We will set up scenarios that will ready the dog for the baby, such as walking well next to a stroller. Using our reward-based techniques, your dog will understand how to be relaxed and gentle with the baby, how to display impulse control when the owner’s attention is diverted to the baby, etc.

After training with us, your dog will feel as if the baby has been there all along, thus lowering the risk of any anxiety or confusion. Also, if you are a parent with a baby already, and are concerned your dog is not handling this change very well, we can still help you and your family! We will work with you until your goals are met, and when we know your family feels secure, happy, and excited for the future together!

If you think this program might be for your as a parent (current or expecting), contact us quickly! For questions about our Cribs and Canines program, call our office at 800-649-7297!