DC Aggressive Dog Training: WE ARE READY TO HELP!

Do you have an aggressive dog? Are you hesitant to hire a dog trainer due to his aggressive behavior and the repercussions it might have? If you answer yes to any of these questions, look no further! Monument Dog Training is devoted to solving all aggressive dog problems.

All dogs act a particular way for a reason and aggressive dogs are no different. Dogs that express aggressive behavior are often misunderstood. Usually, the cause of aggressive behavior is anxiety in the dog, and the primary cause of anxiety are the dogs environmental factors. Using a complete understanding of canine behavior, Monument Dog Training is able to troubleshoot your dog’s aggressive behavior and generate a training program that attacks the source of the behavioral problem.

Aggression may be displayed in many different ways, including the following:

• Human aggression
• Dog aggression
• Sibling aggression (aggressive behavior towards other dogs in the household)
• Food aggression/ resource guarding (possessive over food, toys, people, space, etc.)
• Territorial aggression (protective of territory with aggressive behavior)

If your dog is showing any signs of the aggressive behaviors listed above, it is important to locate help quickly. Almost all aggressive behaviors will not be resolved on their own; in fact, most will continue to get worse as time goes on. If you were to consider “training” as any action done repeatedly, the longer you wait to fix the aggressive behavior, the longer the dog has to practice the behavior. It’s as if you are teaching your dog it is okay to act in an aggressive way.

To solve your dog’s aggressive behavior, first we must come to your home and evaluate your dog in which we will have an in-depth conversation with you about your dog’s aggressive behavior. During this time we will take any required preventative measures to ensure the safety for all involved in the process. As professionals, we can promise you we will be up-front and realistic in our assessment of your dog. We will express our observations as well as lay out a plan for how we will combat the aggressive behavior and its source. This will include the methods we will use, the expected duration of the process, the effort needed to be successful, etc.

If you were to sign up for an initial consultation, you are in no way committed to going through with the training process. As we described before this is mostly for us to get a feel for each other, but you will be amazed in how much you will learn during this process. If you like what you hear, we will commit to working with you and your dog until ALL of your dog’s training goals are achieved!

To learn more about our aggressive dog training programs, or to set up an initial consultation, call us anytime at 202.318.1380, or email us using our contact form.