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Dog training is the first step toward a life-long, balanced, and behaviorally rewarding relationship with your dog. We would love to hear more about your dog and your situation, and we’d be happy to talk with you about how reliable, reward-based dog obedience training can make a real difference in your life! Call us now at 202.318.1380 or email us using the contact form below. 

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Monument Dog Training can help with many kinds of dog training. Our reward-based dog training programs are successful whether you need to learn how to train a puppy, your adult dog is experiencing dog behavior problems, or your dog needs to learn dog obedience. We are capable of handling a wide range of dog behavior issues including aggression, anxiety, resource guarding, puppy training, dog obedience, jumping, mouthing, digging, chewing, and more!

If you’ve been struggling to overcome a dog behavior problem, we can help! We are frequently the second, third, or even fourth dog trainer our clients have worked with, and we are regularly successful even with dogs who have been pronounced “beyond help.” If you’ve been told your dog is a lost cause and you’ll just have to “manage” his/her behavior problems, please call us at 202.318.1380 We would love to talk with you about how we can help resolve the behavior problems once and for all!