Best Dog Training in Capitol Hill

Welcome to Monument Dog Training – the best dog training in Capitol Hill and Washington DC! We provide professional, in-home dog training programs throughout Washington DC and the surrounding areas including Capitol Hill, Alexandria, Arlington, College Park, Bethesda, and more!

We’re part of a network of professional trainers who are here to help you and your dog meet the goals that you’re aiming for. We use tried and true techniques that vary from the average training routine, basing our training off hands-on experiences and reward based training methods. Curious about what sets us apart?

Here’s what the best dog training in Capitol Hill stands for:

We want to strengthen the relationship between you and your dog. We know that training can be rough for people when they don’t see improvements and a sudden behavior issue can really degrade the trust between pet and owner. 

We offer the best dog training in capitol hill and the surrounding areasThe foundation of a well behaved, happy dog is a strong, positive relationship in which the dog knows they are safe and loved. We work with you to discuss the dynamic between you and your pet and address your concerns in a way that keeps your pet happy. We believe that any training breakthrough can be achieved through positive reinforcement and reliable, repeatable commands.

Our training programs are individualized. Not everyone’s the same, and not every dog has the same interests or abilities.

During our personal consultation, we’ll work together to set training goals for your dogs, and we’ll commit to working with you until those training goals are achieved. We know training can be intimidating and it’s easy to get frustrated with your dog when you feel like you’re not getting through.

You may have a puppy, a whole pack, or an elderly dog – we can work with all of them. No matter the question, we’ll be happy to speak with you. Give us a call today at 202.318.1380 or email us.