You’ve found the best dog trainer in DC and Arlington!

What makes a great dog trainer?

A great dog trainer certainly needs to understand how to change dog behavior, but more importantly, they need to know how to patiently and thoroughly teach the dog’s owner how to change dog behavior! As a DC dog trainer, I do just that.

I offer in home dog training to DC, Arlington, and the surrounding area. My dog training programs are appropriate for all kinds of dogs with all ranges of behavior issues. From aggression and anxiety, to hyperactivity and bolting out the front door, I can help!

Best of all, my dog training method is time-tested, and has proven to get results… EVERY TIME! Give me a call at 202.318.1380 or email me to get started.

Here’s what’s makes me the best dog trainer in DC and Arlington:

  • I commit to working with you until we’ve turned our training goals into a reality.
  • I design all dog training programs to make sure we’re setting your dog up for success.
  • We will put your dog’s new and improved behavior to the test in real world situations.
  • The dog training program I use has an amazing track record of success behind it… over 26 years!
I am passionate about using dog training to enhance the bond between dog and owner. You will learn how to communicate clearly and efficiently with your dog… and you’ll be impressed with how far that will take your relationship with your dog!
Give me a call today at 202.318.1380  or email me and we’ll talk about your dog!


 Together, we can resolve your dog’s behavior problems… for good!